Oneman theatershow Amsterdam

Enjoy theater & learn everything about Amsterdam!

Järjestäjänä Jaap

Saatavilla kielellä englanti
1.5 tuntia
20 paikkaa per tapahtuma
15€ / henkilö
10€ / lapset
13€ / opiskelijat

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We will meet in the smallest but most charming theatre of the Netherlands: the Torpedo Theater. This place is really a hidden gem. First of all you can enjoy the special vibes of this former puppet theatre, while listening to some live piano music.

Then Jaap, who is an experienced and lively storyteller, begins his show. He will tell you a story about Amsterdam and how this special city became the most tolerant city in the world. In his story famous people of Amsterdam, like Rembrandt, Anne Frank and Spinoza play a central part. During the show Jaap will sing a couple of famous songs about Amsterdam.

After the show there will be a short tour through the theatre. Meanwhile the theatre is transformed into a Dutch cafe. While you enjoy free Dutch snacks, there is plenty of time to talk about the show, Amsterdam or just have a drink.

Kuka on Jaap - tietoja Doerista

My name is Jaap. Since a couple years I make one-man theatershows. I really love doing this and I perform in the whole country. Last summer I decided to make a show about Amsterdam, the town where I live and that I love. I am doing the show in English to share this story about Amsterdam with the visitors of this town. The best part of doing is meeting people from all around the world!

Erityisvaatimukset asiakkaalle

You need nothing special to attend this theatershow apart of a willingness to go a bit deeper in Amsterdam's history and to learn more about the city in a fun way.