Mindful Forest Walk

Explore the Finnish forest and inhale the superpowers of it!

Järjestäjänä Inu

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3 tuntia
15 paikkaa per tapahtuma

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Come along for a mindful walk which brings you all the positive health effects that come from spending time in the forest, strengthened by practicing forest-based mental exercises. During the walk, we will clarify our thoughts and connect our senses with nature – becoming calm, relaxed, and recharged. We will focus on being present in the moment. Afterwards, we'll enjoy forest coffee or tea by the campfire.

The walk is in Nuuksio National Park (my favourite!) but other locations are possible too of course!

Kuka on Inu - tietoja Doerista

I'm a wilderness and nature guide, Forest Mind instructor, and a kayaking and snowshoeing guide born in Espoo, Finland. I grew up in the forest playing it was my home – I would even eat in the tree (thanks Mom for playing with me!). I still do spend most of my time outdoors, both for business and pleasure, and I feel extremely blessed and grateful for having such a magical playground - the Finnish nature!

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Outdoorsy clothing matching the weather, good shoes to explore off the beaten track