Eat Like a Local - Dinner Experience

Experience new Local taste of Lapland

Järjestäjänä Food Tours

Saatavilla kielillä englanti ja venäjä
3 tuntia
4 paikkaa per tapahtuma
99€ / person
50€ / children

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We offer you a chance to experience a 3 course meal in traditional Finnish kota. The dishes that we will serve you will be prepared by the recipes that local people use here at home everyday, because aren't we all already tired of eating only grilled salmon and sautéed reindeer? It will be a private dinner, where we will share stories about Lappish food and Finnish traditions. If you are traveling with kids then we have a traditional Finnish game prepared for them!

Kuka on Food Tours - tietoja Doerista

I am a working local restaurant chef, who is passionate about natural flavours, authentic dishes and culinary traditions from all over the world. I believe that Lappish cuisine has the potential to become a culinary destination for guest from all over the world! I want my guests to taste authentic Finnish food - something what locals eat daily, something that can be found in every Finnish kitchen. During my 10 years of experience in hospitality industry, I have learned the importance of authentic experiences through food. That is exactly what I aim to host.

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Please book in advance, that we could provide best service possible! And please inform us if you have some allergies!


It was a great tour! Perfect for lovers of beer and food, it is best to book a private tour, worth its price and without a car there is difficult to get there.