Eastern in Finland

Lets make some traditional Easter decorations together

Järjestäjänä Noora

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Come and celebrate easter with us! We will learn about Finnish eastern traditions and make some nice decorations together in our home in Laukaa.

Kuka on Noora - tietoja Doerista

Olen Noora, sinun paikallinen oppaasi. Haluan tuottaa sinulle unohtumattomia elämyksiä oleskelusi aikana Suomessa. Olen asiakaspalvelun ammattilainen ja haluan antaa kaikille asiakkailleni hyvää henkilökohtaista palvelua. Haluan todella että nautit ajastasi minun ja perheeni kanssa.



You and your family are very nice. I felt like we were really welcomed. It depends on person but I like talking with you and having fun together.

Also, I did not expect that I could do outside activities. Making fire outside is what Finnish really do and I really like it. It would be awesome if we can grill

About sauna, we can find sauna everywhere in Finland but that experience was great because we could dive into snow and relax at the terrace. That is what we can not do in hotels but I am wondering what could be something special in other seasons.

Anyway, I enjoyed a lot!

Thank you very much.


The salmon was extremely good! I learned the recipe of the salmon and it was good as I am interested in cooking. My father did it the same way at home and was very delicious!

It was a nice experience we have received during our visit. We got to know a lot about Finns and their traditions and the Scandinavian way of living.

It always seems unusual and strange, but with Noora you can understand that this is very comfortable and cosy way of living. Additionally, you can understand why! To my mind, this is because of the nature and population, that they get used to live far from the big cities and megapolis, so that they have more free time to be with their family, their friends and enjoy the life around them!


The experience met and even went above my expectations because we had great time at wonderful place. Participation in cooking was exciting and the food was delicious!

It was interesting to know about general lifestyle and daily life. To see Finnish home and nature. Also some interesting customs and traditions.

Overall feeling about Home Visit 5/5! I'd recommend this experience to other travellers.