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Luise-Albertz-Platz, Saksa
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With the original historic bus from the 80s, the discovery tour through Oberhausen becomes an experience. The 100-minute ride takes you to the most important sites of industrial culture and structural change in the Ruhr Valley city. From the Westfield Centro to the St. Antony ironworks via Oberhausen Castle and Alt-Oberhausen back to the Centro in the "Neue Mitte": All tours are accompanied by a certified tour guide. This way you will learn everything about the sights and special features of the city at first hand.

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Oberhausen is a city with an exciting history and many interesting and eventful facets. Find out here what the city and its inhabitants are all about, where your next tour should definitely take you, and above all: what makes Oberhausen so special.




Danke für einen Abend der aus der Reihe fiel... Gruss Barbara


Mega! Toll und ein Kurzurlaub. Stefan und sein Team haben uns verzaubert. Immer wieder!!

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