Wild picking

Pick up seasonal berries and mushrooms in the arctic forest

Järjestäjänä Meeri

Lappi, Suomi (Muoniovaara)
Saatavilla kielillä suomi, englanti ja ruotsi
2 tuntia
6 paikkaa per tapahtuma
toukokuu - syyskuu
Normaali hinta: 320 kr
Lapset: 200 kr

Tapahtuman kuvaus

Our excursion to the arctic pine tree forest and mire will start from my home yard in the village of Muoniovaara located on the Swedish side of the border river Muonionjoki. Equipped with baskets we head out to the forested hill.

Depending on the season we can focus on collecting different wild herbs and plants (May-July), berries (July-September) and mushrooms (August-September).
When we need a break let`s sit down and cook some coffee or wild herb infusion on an open fire and listen to the birdsong.

When our baskets start to fill up, I can also give you advise how to preserve your catch. Of course if you manage not to eat it right away which may happen especially if we find some yummy berries like bilberries or cloudberries.

Tietoa järjestäjästä - Meeri

I have always felt at home outdoors and the nature around me in Lapland inspires me: I enjoy it every season by skiing, hiking, canoeing and relaxing. Just sitting by the fire watching it burn works like a good TV show for me.
I am a huge nature-product enthusiast since my childhood when I started picking up berries and mushrooms with my grandmother so I know the eatable things in the forest by heart.

Erityisvaatimukset asiakkaalle

Hat, long trousers and shirts are recommendable against the insects. On rainy weather have something waterproof with you. If you are lacking anything, tell me so we can figure it out and see if I can find it in my (or my boyfriend`s) wardrobe.