Night watchman tour - through gates and alleys to old walls

City tour in the footsteps of the last night watchman

Neumarkt, Saksa
Saatavilla kielellä saksa
1 tunti 30 minuuttia
20 paikkaa per tapahtuma

Tapahtuman kuvaus

If you want to get to know Moers from a different perspective, join me on this evening tour. Walk in the footsteps of the last night watchman, Franz Stöber. After dark, let the history of Moers come alive again - and listen to the exciting stories from earlier times.

City guide Erika Ollefs leads the participants.

The price is for a group of up to 20 people.

Image author: Erika Ollefs

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Erityisvaatimukset asiakkaalle

This tour is a walking tour. The cobblestones of Moers' old town are not barrier-free in all places.

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