Small hiking trip to beautiful nature preserve area

Hiking in the woods (day trip) and small lunch break.

Nokia, Suomi
Saatavilla kielillä suomi, englanti, ruotsi ja venäjä
3 tuntia
10 paikkaa per tapahtuma
Normaali hinta: 30 €
Lapset: 20 €

Tapahtuman kuvaus

You will hike with a professional guide on small nature preserve area at Nokia. Hiking is considered easy, as we don't do very long or otherwise challenging hike. Area of Ruutanajärvi is naturally beautiful, and a real green jewelry in our forest area. At the end of the hike, we can take a small lunch break by the camping fireplace. You can also buy lunch from the guide, for extra fee.

Tietoa järjestäjästä - Kristiina

I am a part-time, professional wilderness guide, who enjoys outdoors in all forms, from small day trips to week long artic skiing expeditions. I also want to show people the beauty of nature and make it reachable to everyone.

Erityisvaatimukset asiakkaalle

You can move normally, without assistance. The ground is rocky there.

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