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Explore & Photograph the Wetlands of Sikosaari and Stensböle

Porvoo, Suomi
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Slowly cruising along the shorelines of Sikosaari & Stensböle Nature Reserves, photographers and nature enthusiasts can get a unique perspective on the wetland ecology.

Led by a local fisherman, guests have the chance to observe hunting Sea Eagles & Ospreys, Grey Herons on the water's edge, as well as Marsh Harriers, Grebes, Swans and other diverse wetland and migratory birds.

Kuka on Sikosaari - tietoja Doerista

As a fisherman, I have been able to observe and develop a close relationship with this beautiful area. In early 2019, I was contacted by a local film maker to assist with certain scenes featuring Sea Eagles and I began to closely follow their habits and hunting areas.
My interest & knowledge continues to grow and I have since been able to offer my scouting services to other photographers & film makers.

Erityisvaatimukset asiakkaalle

All safety equipment is on board.

Suitable clothing & headwear for the weather is advisable.

Cameras are recommended.


Excellent local adventures around the true nature paradise of Porvoo!
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