Taxiboat (RIB-boat trips) to Archipelago of Selkämeri

Taxiboat/ RIB-boat trips to island

Järjestäjänä Pasi

Rauma, Suomi
Saatavilla kielellä suomi
4 tuntia
10 paikkaa per tapahtuma
toukokuu - syyskuu
Normaali hinta: 35 €
Lapset: 20 €

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Taxiboat (RIB-boat of 10 persons) trips to the Islands of Rauma, Luvia, Uusikaupunki. Outdoor island, with restaurant and sauna/swimming place to hanging outdoor is
You need to reserve your seat at advance by email:
Dress yourself for local wheather (wind). Trips inc. lifevests and googles.

Startingpoint 1. Next to Merjakamo, Suvitie 14, Rauma
Startingpoint 2. Poroholma Camping, Rauma

Kuka on Pasi - tietoja Doerista

I am Skipper of the RIB-boat of BlueCamp. My name is Pasi. Raumanmeri (Rauma Sea) is nice and easy to reach. Offshore is just 15 minutes from the land (meetingpoint). Trips to Raumanmeri is always fun, even in stormy weather. The RIB-boat is open boat. You are sitting near the water and you can really feel the sea.

Erityisvaatimukset asiakkaalle

Good attitude and good clothes for the wind. Traveling speeds are from 4 knots to 30 knots (Mph/hour). It is good to take sunglasses for the boat trips.

Visit Rauma markkinoi sivustoa, mutta ei vastaa sisällöstä eikä palveluiden myymisestä.
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