Relaxing stay in Tentsile tree tent

Have your private moment in amazing soundscape in pure air!

Järjestäjänä Anja

Sastamala, Suomi
Saatavilla kielillä suomi, englanti ja saksa
3 tuntia
6 paikkaa per tapahtuma
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Have your relaxing moment in pure Finnish forest with the feet off the ground literally! You can stay with 1-4 friends in our Tentsile tree tent site, which has two tree tents privately for your group. I will show you around and then let you take the most of it by yourselves.

The tree tent site is located in our private forest right next to a swamp lake that is home for cranes and whooper swans. The soundscape is totally amazing! It is about 200 metres to the campsite from our house so you can stay there without interruption.

One of the tents is in about 1,8 metres height and the other one is attached quite low, so it is well accessible. These tents have transparent mesh material so you can enjoy the view even from inside the tent. There is a rain fly so this experience is also comfortable during raining.

This relaxing activity is available for 3 hours during 12-15, and from May until late September.

Please stay safe with the sun with clothing and a hat instead of sunscreen to keep the tents clean.

- 2-6 persons according to the pricing
- there are 3 air mattresses in both tree tents
- using the campfire site and wood for the campfire
- using the eco-toilet with hand washing station, hand towel and hand sanitizer

There are some things that we ask you to follow carefully:
-Please keep the campsite and the tree tents clean and tidy.
-Pets are not allowed.
-It is not allowed to harm the nature, birds or animals in any way.
-It is allowed to pick berries and mushrooms (keep in mind to pick only those you safely know).
-No smoking allowed. During forest fire warning it is not allowed to light the campfire.

Kuka on Anja - tietoja Doerista

We started with tree tent accommodation in 2018 as our surroundings were screaming for some other possibilities than our B&B Kommee Kurki. The area is safe and in the middle of the beautiful countryside, and we wanted to offer the amazing soundscape with creanes etc. to our visitors.

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Have your clothing according to the weather.

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