5 places - 5 stories in Strasbourg

Hear 5 real stories about the city & see where they happened

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Strasbourg has an amazing history and there are incredible stories about events that have happened right at the heart of it! I will tell you five stories and take you to the exact places where they took place! The stories (from the middle ages to modern times) will help you have an idea of how Strasbourg has developed from a medieval free city into the symbol of European unity.

Tietoa järjestäjästä - Annika

I am a language teacher from Finland. Married to a Frenchman for over 20 years I have always been interested in France and all things French. Ever since of we moved to Strasbourg 4 years ago I have spent a lot my free time learning about my new city and its amazing history. I can't wait to share with you what I've discovered!

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Good walking shoes! A bottle of water if the weather is hot.


My jaw kept dropping during the tour, and the most shocking story happened just 5 minutes from my apartment! I'll never see the city in the same way anymore thanks to Annika :)
Annika has interesting historial stories, some of them are pretty weird also! Alsace has fascinating history!