Cycling the fortress trail

Pedal the fortress trail on both sides of the Rhine

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The Piste des Forts, or fortress cycle trail, covers 85 km in France and Germany and takes you round the 19 fortresses of the "Fortress Belt." I will take you on a bike tour that covers parts of the trail (20-30 km as per your wishes) in both countries. You will see beautiful scenery and enjoy the fresh air of the countryside in your lungs.

I regularly bike on this trail and would be very happy to take you along. If you don't have a bike with you, you can use a Vélhop-bike which is part of the bike sharing system in Strasbourg.

Kuka on Gilles - tietoja Doerista

I love cycling and the diverse roads of Alsace. I often bike with my wife and children, but they are not as passionate about it as I am and it would be great to share my knowledge of local cycling trails with other people.

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A bike and a helmet, a bottle of water.