Cottage life in Liesjärvi, Tammela

Spend a day with us in our cottage in Liesjärvi, Tammela.

Tammela, Suomi
Saatavilla kielillä suomi ja englanti
6 tuntia
4 paikkaa per tapahtuma
toukokuu - syyskuu

Tapahtuman kuvaus

Spend relaxing and easy going day with us in our cottage in Liesjärvi, Tammela.

Our cottage is situated only a short way to Liesjärvi National Park.
During the day you will go fishing by boat with your local guide. We can also visit Korteniemi Heritage Farm or campfire of Liesjärvi, if you like.

End of the day you will have a delicious local food, maybe the catch from the fishing tour (included in the price). After the meal enjoy the traditional Finnish sauna heated with wood and swimming in the lake of course!

Duration: appr. 6h
Period: May-September
Price: 180,00€/person (min. 2 persons)
Group: 2-4 persons

Tietoa järjestäjästä - MyHappyHame by Karita

Hi, I'm Karita!
I do love my homeregion "Häme" and I consider that it is the best and happiest place in the world! I always try to do things that makes me happy, and now I want to introduce them to you too - please join and enjoy!

MyHappyHame by Karita

Erityisvaatimukset asiakkaalle

Warm, weatherproof clothing (for the boat trip), towel, swimming suit.

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