Bubble football

In bubble football players are trying to hit other players.

Järjestäjänä Grr8t

Tampere, Suomi
Saatavilla kielillä suomi ja englanti
1 tunti
30 paikkaa per tapahtuma

Tapahtuman kuvaus

Bubble football is fun game where you are trying to hit other players with your bubble and make a goal to opponents goal.

Tietoa järjestäjästä - Grr8t

Grr8t Sports is established 2010 and started providing different sports and events (for example bubble football and Archery Tag). Now because of Covid we have also Grr8t Escape games via Teams.

Erityisvaatimukset asiakkaalle

Every group must make reservation for the games.
Please notice that we have events all around Finland. So we have to know when to be at the right place and time.

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