Outdoor cooking experience

Cooking lunch on an open fire

Tampere, Suomi
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4 tuntia
4 paikkaa per tapahtuma
Normaali hinta: 75 €
Lapset: 35 €

Tapahtuman kuvaus

You will take a trip into the beautiful area of Siuro and hike to a small fire place. You will then prepare a meal on an open fire (according to the fire regulations)
After you prepare this amazing meal you get to enjoy it before we pack away and continue our hike towards lake Ruutana where you can capture some amazing images.
After this break we start our journey back out.

Tietoa järjestäjästä - Seventen Tours

I have lived in Tampere for 15 years and have been a tour guide in various parts of Finland.
Ranging from Aurora chasing, snowmobile safaris, bike riding, hiking, snowshoe walking skiing and photography tours.
I have a great passion for photography, aurora, and the outdoors.

I qualified from my Wilderness Guide School in 2022.
I am now working freelance and also offering my own activities.
I hold the correct safety cards for this for experience and you may request to view these.
Hygiene pass
Tourism safety
First Aid EA1 and EA2
Driving licence

Erityisvaatimukset asiakkaalle

I supply everything you need for this experience.

However we are moving in a forest, so clothing that does not stain easily, suitable shoes or boots depending on the weather, maybe a rain jacket if the weather thinks we need an extra challenge while cooking.

Bug repellent is optional but some people like to use these.




I was looking for a birthday present for my son while he was visiting Finland. I contacted Patrick and he was wonderful. He picked up from his door and returned him to the same address. It was a private Snowshoe tour, made extra special by Patrick's friendly and informative character. Feeling jealous, my son had a great time and if I ever get out to Finland, I will be sure to arrange a walking tour for myself, with Patrick of course :)


Highly recommended tour! Patrick is excellent guide with lot of knowledge and patience

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