Experience Finnish country-living.

Enjoy pure nature, sauna and swimming in springwater-pool!

Järjestäjänä Marjo

Saatavilla kielillä suomi, englanti, ruotsi, saksa, ranska ja tanska
5 tuntia
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I invite you to come and relax in my little country-home just near Tampere. First we enjoy a welcome-drink of seasonal gardenofferings as elderflower, black-currantleaves, rhubarb etc. and grilled sausages + herbbaguettes. Then you can enjoy the pictoresque view from the little barrel-sauna, swim in the pool filled with pure spring-water and be served with berry-drinks from my own garden. After bathing you'll be served a tasty meal of gardenproducts ans smoked salmon directly from my smokery with homemade-beer or other gardendrinks/springwater. Afterwards you feel relaxed and content. I can pick you up and drive you back too.

Kuka on Marjo - tietoja Doerista

I'm a countryliving-loving person and want to share my pleasureful living and our finnish beautiful nature with people from other countries. I have been living in Sweden, Denmark and Germany and speak these languages fluently + english. My friend Maija can come and quide in french. I have been a wildernessguide longtime ago and am also a massage-therapist with 24 years experience of natural healing, aroma-therapy, electrotherapy, herbal/food supplements etc. I love to make it fun and enjoyable for people and am a very warmhearted and easy person to deal with.

Erityisvaatimukset asiakkaalle

A swimming suit or trunks is needed.