Escape Artist!

It was my first time in an escape room, I did enjoy it and we did get out. It wasn't too easy though, I'm glad I had an excellent team. The room was neat and the experience good.

Electric Motocross

I seriously underestimated those electric bikes! They're quite powerful and you can increase the power once you get the hang of it. And the track is challenging too! If you love motor bikes or just want to give it a try, you should definitely check this out. Perfect activity to do with a group of friends. Also, as it is situated underground, you can try this all year round!

Synkkiä tarinoita Turusta

This is truly a pleasant experience! It doesn't matter if you're a tourist who's looking for a more interesting city tour or a local who hasn't seen a new side of his/her hometown. Myself I found it really interesting and this is a perfect way to spend Halloween before continuing the festivities in the center!