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Rage Room - Come to us, Break stuff, leave happy

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Terhi ja Jonne

Baseball for groups

It was very nice experience. I finally understood the rules, managed to hit some baseballs and played outside on the fresh air with a really nice bunch of people.

Write and record your own song

Steve helped me to find the right chords for my songs and gave tips how I could play more happy songs. After our first session, I wrote the song further at home, I recorded the song and sent it to Steve for feedback. Based on the feedback I changed the song a bit and then we recorded it in a real studio with an extra guitarist. It was an amazing experience and Steve is a very friendly and open minded person. I could recommend it to anyone who is interested in songwriting, but needs some help for taking the next steps. Steve is quite flexible, so I think it is good to express your expectations before the activity (e.g. meeting up one or two times, what do you want to learn).