Escape Artist!

Tease and challenge your brain!

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In an escape room, you and your buddies will be locked in a room with a time limit of 60 minutes. To get out and escape, you must solve a variety of different logic and functional puzzles. The tasks will require fast thinking and creativity and above all – teamwork. Physical strentgh is not of any use in these games.

Room escape games are immersive and addicting logic games, perfect for a night out with friends, a birthday- or bachelor(ette) party or a team building day wit mates from work. A room can be played with a team of 2-6 players with the ideal group size being 2-4.
With our two rooms we can host games for 12 players at a time.

Our rooms are located in the city center near the train and bus terminals.

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We have been around for a year and our customers are liking us. here's some feedback:

“A Terrific new escape room! Well suited for a family. Fun and challenging brain teasers. Very nicely put together, Thank you!”

“Interesting room and nicely built according to the theme. We had a lot of fun and a lot to do!”

“A fun new escape room, some new twists with a big variety of puzzles”



Huippua! Vähän viime minuuteille meni tosin ratkaisu...


I loved the logic of the puzzles, not too frustrating but not too obvious or easy. I was also lucky to be with a good talented team so we manage dans to amuse the escape room.


Awesome! Both rooms really well thought and The Hunter is definitely one for the more demanding audience.

A very good recommendable visit in Turku, either with collagues, friends or even random strangers if available.


It was my first time in an escape room, I did enjoy it and we did get out. It wasn't too easy though, I'm glad I had an excellent team. The room was neat and the experience good.


Aivan mahtavaa! Ensimmäistä kertaa pakohuoneessa. Cirkus oli vaativuudeltaan ensikertalaiselle sopivan haasteellinen. Helpottaa jos ryhmässä joku käynnyt ennen. Tehtäviä oli aikaan nähden sopivasti. Tähän jää koukkuun. Suosittelen.