Sailing at the Archipelago

Sail training & adventure - learn and see new!

Saatavilla kielillä suomi ja englanti
6 tuntia
8 paikkaa per tapahtuma
450€ / henkilö
49€ / lapset
400€ / opiskelijat

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-Experienced seafarer from the Merchant Navy Fleet
- Working at the Sea by profession.
-Love to teach & share sailing at the archipelago!

SAILING with us?

Alternative, yet interesting and practical way to learn sailing!
-We are no racers, but ocean cruisers with a stable, safe ocean cruiser boat

Voyage starts always with familiarization to the boat; you'll learn about sail handling, manoveuring, navigating, knots and other essential skills needed by the Sea.
Should you be really keen into learning, I have my sailing school materials to study beforehands made for you.

The unique archipelago of Finland will be our destination. We depart in the heart of it whether in Nauvo or from Turku.

FOR BIRTHDAYS, events or such celebration gatherings we always have something special made for you.

A day, (4-6 hrs), Full day (10-12 hrs), weekend, week... let's make it suit your need.

- Try outs from 6 hours to a Full Day family experiences
- max. visitor 8 people
- Visiting nearby popular island Vepsä (Turku)
- We provide lunch and soft drinks!
- Great for: families, friends for celebrate, or for a learning purposes (sailing school experience), small outdoor-business refreshments
- (During high season this option is more in prize)
- Prizing starts at 400e/day

- 2-3 day trips also during week days
- 2 couples fitting to sleep in 2 shared beds, cabin separated by a curtain
- Destinations: famous Seili, Turku archipelago, desert high-rocky islands, Maisaari, Pähkinäinen
- Meals served and commonly cooked
- You will be part of the Crew learning and participating ie. to steer the vessel, navigate, keep watch & your cabin clean.. etc!
- Great for couples as a "birthday-gift" experience!
- For groups more than 4 people: our destination is an island, where you can accommondate yourself / your group in tents of your own. Sauna and bon fire will be there waiting for you there!
- Prizing starts at 350e/day

- 2-4 people ( sleeping in 2 shared "boat wide" beds)
- 2-7 days
- Destination a light house island or one other of the famous ones: Utö, Jurmo, Aspö, Nötö, Brännskär, Kökar, Gullkrona, Pensar, Seili, Örö ... or even Åland Islands and the rare red rocks over there! Let's let the wind decide, and follow the wind?
- Prizing starts at 350e/day

- ...sail in the winter!
- Winter season Oct. - April
- starting at 450e/day

Please bear in mind: the prizing varies much depending on the season and your wishes for the trip. Thus, we are not able to list a very exact prize for you here.

- How many persons? (2-8)
- Date(s)
- A birthday special or other event you have?
- Deluxe or Economy?*

A-hoy!! .... Please read our "Good-To-Know" guidelines & "house rules" before booking:

- Water bottle
- Good outdoor-clothing
- Sunglasses & Sun lotion
- Snacks for your own and common table
- Positive, curious mind;)

- Bed sheets & pillow * (request a "Deluxe Set" so this will be included in the prize)
- Sleeping bag
- Head light with new batteries
- Soft covered bag (avoid hard-covered suitcases)

- "Full service" meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening tea/snacks.
Great, delicious vegetarian food (bring your own snacks and favorite fruits, also welcomed for a common table;),
- 1+ days of sailing: accommodation in boat (2* double bed, cabin separated by a curtain)
- Port fees and insurances for crew
- Familiarization & teaching

- Activities /food outrside of boat as those which not included in the port fees (ie. saunas / shower fees or tenting areas may sometimes be)
- Travels to boat / home

-Starting from Turku or Nauvo (Pargas).

-Small toilet with septic system
-Fresh water & water canisters (300 L + canisters)
-Accommondation for 6 (3 beds for 3 couples, 2 have own cabin separated by a curtain)
-12 V electricity for phone charging (you need an USB-charger)

"Much like when hiking in nature: no extra facilities, if any!"

ZERO WASTE - we don't invest much on litter and don't gather it much from the crew on boat: you gather your own thrash (ie. papers from snacks) on board and recycle them after sailing (have your own "thrash bag" with). This makes life easier, and maybe helps us all to reduce the amount of no-needed thrash.

When we're sailing timelessly with our crew, we love to take time to explore, swim and exercise (meditation, yoga and martial arts) on land. You may any time to join these activities, or find your own!

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Good To Know - our "Terms of Service"

We wish warm days and windy seas!

Jasper & Keiju
s/y Fareata

Kuka on Jasper Armanto - tietoja Doerista

Sailing is all in... it is my occupation, my profession, my boat is my home, I am passionate about it. I love it and I will sail around the world, one day I will, I will go to the adventures. Join the big treasure!

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Please be aware that:

-Boat is restricted space - You and Your team members must be physically and mentally welfare (see out guidelines below).
- Sailing is an extreme sport. Good preparation in health and gear is essential - especially weatherproof clothing.
- Suitable for children with their parents/ responsible persons (4+ years).
- Life-jackets & sailing gloves provided on board, and mandatory to wear whenever requested at the Sea
- Further details:


You join by your own full responsibility.




The sailing weekend with Jasper and Keiju was great! Jasper is an excellent skipper and even better teacher. He was very patient with us and arranged the sailing so that we could practise as much as possible. It was a lot of fun and we felt safe all the time. Keiju cooked excellent food for us and it was lovely to chat with her! Jasper and Keiju's boat felt like home for us in the time spent there. We strongly recommend the experience and we hope to have the chance to sail with them again.
Jasper Armanto Jasper Armanto Thank you so much also, we definitely love to share sailing and teach, and love to have peole on board who are eager to learn and participate!:) next time we're ready to go further and maybe reach far-away destinations at the National Park also (outer archipelago). Waiting to see you both again:) -J&K


This is a great experience, Jasper and Shaeila are really great people and sailers. You will learn a lot about sailing and will see the area in a different way, perfect for tourists and anyone who want to do something different and see turku and the archipelago from the water. Thank you doerzs and Jasper and Sheila