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perjantaina, 28. kesäkuuta 2019 klo 13:00 · 119€

Saatavilla kielellä englanti · ÅLANDS TOUR, 6 days
499e/ 2persons

Fri 28.6. - We 3.7. 2019
Nagu (Nauvo) - Ålands

Here we come, Åland Islands! Many stunning places on the way to visit - desert islands as well as inhabited idyllic archipelago towns!

Exact arrival place at the destination will be decided on the way: whether Mariehamn the capital, or to Färjsundet close to the Kastholm's castle. There are nice beach, good bus connections and lot to explore in case we moor to Färjsundet.

The prize of the journey is 299e/single person or 499e/couple (sleep in same bed).

The ticket prize "119e" is for placement reservation. Rest of the prize (180e/380e) will be paid on boat before leave by cash / Paypal / bank transfer.

High quality vegetarian food provided, but be sure to ensure your own and common festival snacks and drinks (see our note on the guidelines - no meat or large amounts of alcohol on board please!)

During this trip we will focus on our Clean The Beach 2019 -sailing mission. We will clean 1 to 3 beaches (1-2 hrs work/beach) whereas attending to this activity is essential part of the trip and is part of the price.
We also have time to do some other activities as combat sports/yoga where you are free to attend, or activate yourself or rest by means suitable for you.

Check our "terms of service" before booking:
and sign in your (and your friend's) details after.

The last day of the travel is reserved for getting back to Turku by ferry Viking Line (takes nearly full day the travel). Travel on/off boat does not include in the price (10-20e/way). You can consult the Captain for ferry travel guidance, the schedules are pretty fixed and easy to use.