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Tapaa Joulupukki

Meeting Santa is a fantastic experience - even (or especially) in the middle of summer! The experience is actually so real, You start to believe in him again... ;)

Red cottage in the archipelago - visit local home

It was an amazing local experience even for someone who travels a lot. If you are looking for an active, but at the same time relaxed getaway, it's a perfect activity. The owners were extremely friendly and created a very positive experience. Everything was well organized, but not stressful or time limited. Great stories, one of the best sauna and very delicious "suomalainen makkara". If you are looking to experience a little bit of Finnish lifestyle - try it, you wont be disappointed!


Johanna, I really enjoyed my experience with you and hunting for mushrooms. As a person with pretty limited knowledge of mushrooms a laminated card (that is used during the experience) with the common mushrooms would be super helpful in identifying them and giving participants confidence in what to look for.
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