Finnish Sauna Secrets

Learn about Finnish sauna culture

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Finns are the real sauna masters. But there is so much more about sauna than just sitting in the heat and sweating like a pig.

In general, we discuss about traditional Finnish sauna underlined with pictures and videos.

You will
- be introduced to a historical, beautiful old lumberjack mansion
- be introduced to different sauna types
- get to see how to cool down (we might even dip in a hole in a frozen lake!!)
- learn about the health aspects
- find out the Dos and Dont's
- learn a few words in Finnish in our Sauna Wheel Quiz

Have you ever heard about the sauna spirit? Do you have a personal experience with sauna?
I am excited to share our sauna secrets and personal stories with you in an entertaining way and like to know about your stories too!

Note: during the experience I am NOT in sauna, as technical devices can not be in the heat and humidity. It is a virtual journey with pictures and videos.

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Tietoa järjestäjästä - Anja / finnomenal

I am a Swiss living in Finnish Lapland, far above the Arctic Circle. Coming here 6 years ago to work as a guide, I soon discovered my interest and passion about Finnish culture and lifestyle.

As a multilingual all rounder you will find me usually working in an ice hotel, at a reindeer farm or even as an elf for Santa.

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